Telecom Engineering is a Specialized Job

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Telecom Engineering is a specialized Job and SEVOCOMM is the Service Company in this field. We are specialized in making Engineering Packages for Mobile and Fixed Telecom Operators.

SEVOCOMM possesses in-house engineering expertise for the design and development of poles, masts, towers and related structures for Mobile Operators Base-Stations. Solutions are designed to meet or exceed customer specifications and applicable standards such as EN, CE, BS, DIN and Euro Code.

Our construction drawings and calculations are made using modern software and technologies that makes the end results state-of-the-art and according to the regulations and specifications.

SEVOCOMM’s senior engineers are actively involved in the pre- and after-sales support, work order preparation and design solutions and capacity planning. Our customers can count on SEVOCOMM’s technical expertise in designing a broad array of engineered infrastructure which are essential for the telecom applications in which we specialize. At the moment we are making Engineering Packages for the networks of Vodafone NL, Telefonica DE, KPN NL, Telekom DE to name a few.

The technological challenges for the future are enormous, from interoperability between operators networks to the roll-out of 5G and the associated applications are major challenges in Telecom. They create engineering requirements in all areas, from the design, structural calculations to network commissioning, SEVOCOMM is your partner.

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