Majority of German industry plans with 5G in mind

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The German industry sees great opportunities in the upcoming mobile standard 5G. For example, half of industrial companies with more than 50 employees in Germany (49%) already state that the future availability of 5G is important to them. For large corporations with more than 2,000 employees, it is even two-thirds (66%).

Basically, the industry is very positive about the mobile standard of the future. More than eight out of ten (84%) agree with the statement that 5G will massively boost the productivity of German companies, 70% see 5G as one of the most important future technologies.

However, currently only two out of five industrial companies are planning or discussing a 5G supply, of which a good third (36%) are planning 5G supply by a mobile network operator. Only 6 percent are concerned with 5G over locally usable frequencies. This is the result of a representative survey of more than 500 industrial companies in Germany on behalf of the digital association Bitkom (in German only).

From Bitkom’s point of view, policymakers should look at how mobile sites can be promoted competitively neutral to provide for remaining white spots. “If we want to close deadlocks while building the networks of the future, it will take simpler, standardized application and approval procedures.
For example, all path-law licensing processes for fixed and mobile networks must be able to be handled digitally”, says Mr. Berg. In addition, Mr Berg mentioned, rent-free use of public infrastructure would support a fast 5G deployment. Telecom Consultants and specialists from SEVOCOMM say also that such ideas from Mr. Berg (Bitkom) are welcome to boost the network density for 5G.

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