5G the fast-evolving and impactful technology

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5G the fast-evolving and impactful technology, that beyond previous generations of cellular networks, promises a new era of connectivity-enabled business processes and outcomes at high speeds and low latency. New developments based on technological confluence and opportunities in spectrum availability will enable 5G to live up to the potential of ubiquitous high-capacity, low-latency applications driving broad digital transformation. These developments will accelerate the deployment of 5G, leveraging both public and private networks.

When it comes to this fast-evolving 5G, few technologies have presented more of a challenge than high-frequency or millimeter wave small cells. So the fastest of the 5G frequencies, millimeter wave has a small coverage area and is susceptible to environmental variables like buildings and trees. As a result, a millimeter wave 5G network requires a high degree of densification, which, in some cases, has presented an infrastructure nightmare for operators. Designing a basestation location, the engineers of SEVOCOMM know how to do that, so here you are at the correct address.

Like explained in previous articles, “Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of discussion of the need to deploy enormous amounts of small cells to support these fast-evolving 5G builds, particularly at higher frequencies.” While the build will be “steady,” it has yet to reach the “exponential build status” that had come to be expected, citing a shift to deploying 5G by upgrading the macro network instead, primarily due to cost. The result, carriers just aren’t spending as much capital on small cell deployment and here’s where CELLQUBE comes in, to facilitate the “last mile” for mobile network operators.

5G deployments in Europe, and around the world, are continuing at a good clip, 5GN is explained in easy reading by BroadbandSearch.net. While the focus is currently on consumer facing enhanced mobile broadband, operators are working with a range of stakeholders to develop enterprise 5G use cases, encompassing latency reduction and massive IOT support, that will create meaningful business value over time. Contact our team and see what SEVOCOMM can do for you.


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