Environmental Sustainability

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SEVOCOMM’s environmental sustainability is based on what we can add from our work perspective to eliminate our Carbon Footprint with a positive attitude.

Since May 2021 SEVOCOMM turned all her electricity contracts to the so called “Green Power” this means for us that our offices are using electricity produced by windmills, solar or biomass. To achieve this we choose the green energy from Luminus in Belgium and Essent in the Netherlands where Germany is facilitated by e.ON, our Serbian and Ukraine offices getting their power from Hydro-Electric stations. To compensate for our workforce we partnered with Tree Nation, where as today (update 12.02.2024) the planted trees compensate for us 702.67 t CO2.

The preservation of our planet is in everyone’s interest. By reducing our individual energy consumption and opting for sustainable and green solutions, we contribute to preserving the planet. And without having to sacrifice comfort. Everyone can make a difference!

Sustainable energy

SEVOCOMM prioritises sustainability by sourcing renewable energy from local markets for its offices and data centers. Partnering with local providers, the company accesses solar panels and wind turbines to power its operations. This approach supports the regional green economy while reducing SEVOCOMM’s carbon footprint. Additionally, the company implements energy-efficient technologies and engages employees in sustainability initiatives, furthering its commitment to environmental responsibility.



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