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The telecommunications industry is the backbone of today’s mobile landscape, deploying voice, data, graphics and video at ever-increasing speeds and in a growing number of ways. Wireline telephone communication was once the primary service of the industry, but wireless communication and fiber-to-the-home/office is becoming increasingly dominant. Specialists in telecommunications engineering are needed to keep up with this ever-changing fast-paced industry and that’s where we come in.

Construction of new telecom base stations is the process of building an infrastructure. Construction without the proper designs and construction or static calculations has a failure stamp from the beginning. SEVOCOMM’s highly skilled telecom engineers will design and calculate your network. By using the correct tools for the job, SEVOCOMM ensures top-notch packages for your construction and or installation partner. With our Engineering Service the project can be built and ready for use in no-time.

Large-scale roll-out projects requires collaboration across multiple disciplines. An Program Manager normally manages the job, and a Roll-Out manager, Sr. design engineer, construction engineer or project manager supervises it. For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential.

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