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Professional Staff

Education, motivation and experience are some key ingredients for a professional staff. Our staff is fully qualified in these and this is reflected in our work.

Save Time and Money

Due to our standardization in engineering building blocks and processes we work efficiently and cost-effective. The savings we make is what you see back in our pricing.

Detailed Estimates

We work with fixed, menu based pricing which allows for no hidden costs, thus full transparency and this ensures you full financial control over your projects.

On Time Completion

On-Time delivery is a key element in our service. This helps you maintaining a steady project flow and accomplishing your deadlines and us to keep our pricing low and our productivity high.

Multi Operator Knowledge

The knowledge base of our engineers is multi vendor and operator e.g. Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Telefónica, T-Mobile, VimpelCom, Vodafone, MTS and KPN.

Quality Assurance

To all our output we apply the ‘four eyes’ principle. Before delivering an engineering project it is checked for release by our quality assurance team.

Our Engineering Design Process x

  • Site Document Preparation
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Design and Calculation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Finalization
Gathering all necessary documents for preparing the Technical Site Survey and Design phase. Here we request all existing documents for the site to be build or upgraded at the Mobile Operator, also we will request documents from the landlord or city-hall e.g. Blueprints of buildings. In this phase we will also make a H&S plan and R&I for the TSS Engineer, later these documents can also be used for the construction company.
This step in the process is one of the important steps it's a key factor that will set the site on how it has to be build. The TSS Engineer needs to have a vast experience in constructions as well in telecom technology. After the site visit where the TSS Engineer made photos and some raw sketches, he/she will make a report that also includes a series of photos and drafts a red-line. The package will then go to the MNO or Vendor for approval and a copy is send to the CAD Design Engineer.
In this step of the process the Data gathered from the Technical Site Survey and landlord documents, the CAD Design Engineer will draft the new site and creates workshop drawings for the parts that needs to be made and installed. The Constructional Engineer will make static and structural calculations in order to proof the drafted designs are securing it's construction that needs to last for its purpose. By using leading tools in this field we deliver consistency and the required quality.
Our Quality Assurance Team uses the two principles: "Fit for purpose" (the service/product should be suitable for the intended purpose); and "right first time" (mistakes should be eliminated). QA includes management of the quality of products/services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes. The two principles also manifest before the background of developing (engineering) a novel technical product/service: The task of engineering is to make it work once, while the task of quality assurance is to make it work all the time.
The Finalization phase consist of two processes; First process is "Service/Product Delivery", The service/product delivery concentrates on the proactive hand-off the services/products to the client on or before the agreed time-to-deliver. This lead then to the second process is "invoicing", Our finance department gets the info from the "Service/Product Delivery" process and sends out the invoice for the delivered products/services.

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Our Vision

In our role as a specialists in the tele- communications field, our vision is to provide you with leading-edge solutions in line with the expectations of your customers and the requirements of YOUR business.
SEVOCOMM works closely with you to build long-term partnerships and bring you evolutionary and sustainable engineering solutions that will meet your company needs as it continues to grow.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you practical and cost-effective telecom engineering and solutions for the implementation of your commercial and managerial strategies in an ever-changing and convergent environment.
SEVOCOMM’s complete independence enables us to be pragmatic project partners and managers able to transform YOUR needs. Create reliable solutions that are innovative and fully customized.
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They are friendly and it is a pleasure to get my tasks done by them. I'm very happy with the services they provide. I will recommend this company to my business relations. Their works is professional and their pricing is competitive. Robert, German Telecom Contractor
Well experienced staff with a lot of technical knowledge. They understand the business and also think and act out-of-the-box, this saved us time and money. We definitively hire them again. Madelon, European Telecom Provider
A wonderful work, Thank you! The best engineering company in town as it proved by quality of its work and services. Their services makes us feel extending our own department. I would definitely return for future projects. Matthias, German Telecom Contractor


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